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  Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Little girl, Little girl

Come out to play

For what you hide I do seek

You know you want to play with me

My love for you is pure, most deep

Be a good girl now,

I’ll never tell,

Will you?

Sweet Child secrets  you will keep

No one will believe you,

Shut the door

 What happened: she says

He took my childhood

and with it me

Made me play his game,

Dirty bed

No pillow soft enough to lay my head



My childhood  dreams

Buttons undone


My seams


Now colored black

I hold,

Within me,

My little girl’s life of lies

His touch,

His sins,

I can not forget

I cry

I scrub

I wash

I scrub again

His hands

His breath

Won’t wash away

Andrea H.

Artist’s Notes:

Just the thoughts and images that coincide with my emotions while i wrote this have left me depleted of my ‘all’

It is incumbent upon EVERY adult to speak up for the children who have had their breath sucked out of their childhood’s of innocence and laughter.

NO child is supposed to hurt, sadly, too many adults can not handle the truths of the devastations of sexual abuse. statics do not lie. how can a society exist if children are continually robbed of themselves? how can we thrive? we can not!!!!!!!!!!

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