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Non-Residential Program

ACT’s Non-Residential Program provides counseling and therapy services to past and present victims of domestic violence and their children and survivors of sexual assault and their families including Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse.  This program also provides services to victims of human trafficking including education, counseling and therapy.

This program offers individual counseling and therapy to victims and their children and a series of support and educational groups that are designed to empower the abused individuals and to assist them in making choices in their lives that will allow for happiness, growth, and safety. Support groups are psycho-educational; proportionally 50% support group and 50% educational. Individual and group counseling is extremely important for individuals in abusive relationships for several reasons; victims can learn how to end their isolation, gain self esteem, affirm themselves and know they are not to blame. Victims can begin to feel empowered through the support and education of our programs. This is important since victims in abusive relationships can often feel that the only person who cares about them is the one abusing them. Learning that other people care can break the chain of harmful dependency. The program also focuses on safety and assists clients in developing their own personal safety plan.

Some of the groups offered by the Non-Residential Program are as follows:

Insight Group:

This group is offered on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 6:30pm-8: 30pm.  A ten-week commitment is required, as this is a ten-week closed group.  This group is for past or present survivors of domestic violence, and focuses on domestic violence issues.  Clients will first set up an initial intake session with a non-residential counselor to better determine if this group will meet their needs.

Wisdom Workshops:

These are ongoing workshops held during the day or early evening for clients. The workshops will vary from two to three hours per session and include topics similar to the Journey group. The workshops will be held in a four-week session, meeting once weekly. ACT staff and community professionals will collaborate in providing these specialized trainings/workshops for ACT clients. Topics will include parenting skills, problem solving techniques & creative thinking, civil and criminal processes, safety/self-defense information, car maintenance and repair, etc.

Journey Group:

This group is for survivors of domestic violence that have completed or are waiting to complete Insight, Freedom, and/or Sexual Assault groups. The objective of the group is to continue education and support through information specific to the group needs. Special presentations will be arranged on a variety of topics to assist group members with daily challenges such as managing stress, parenting skills, self-defense, legal matters, etc. This group is every Tuesday night.

DBT/Mindfulness Discovery Group:

This group is offered to Insight and Sexual Support Group graduates. This is a six-week closed group.  The focus of this group is on building self-esteem, journaling, managing stress, exploring goals and values, and the dynamics of emotional abuse.  This group is offered on in the evenings, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Day group is also available.  This group examines 5 factors of wellness – creative, social, physical, coping and essential self; helping to create and rediscover peace and happier self.

Dialectal Behavioral Therapy Group has a broad cognitive behavioral focus with a strong skills training component.  It  is divided in to four structured modules:

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Emotion Regulation

Distress Tolerance

Core Mindfulness

Spanish Dialectal Behavioral Therapy groups for Domestic and Sexual Violence survivors

Overview: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy was design to help client manage their overwhelming emotions. It strengthens one’s ability to handle distress and remain in control. This group session will run for 12 weeks. During this time, counselors will work with clients to help them build strength to better deal with life stressors. This group is based on structure modules that assist the client to change with well researched brain patterns that affect perception, thoughts, emotions, and actions.

English Psycho-educational/Emotional Regulation group for Sexual Violence survivors

Overview: The focus of this group will be to offer clients educational material regarding sexual abuse/violence and the opportunity to discuss and share in a safe environment (per support group); and provide skill building exercises and material on emotional regulation and mindfulness to help members cope with the aftermath of their traumatic experiences.  This group will be an open group and will run constantly.

Children’s Groups:

Children’s groups are psycho-educational support groups, facilitated by ACT’s Child Specialist for children of a parent who is participating in the Insight, Freedom, and Journey groups. Children are separated into different age groups, and the curriculum is offered in an age appropriate manner. This group is offered at the same time as the adult group. Participants must register their children prior to attending a group.

Among the services available sexual assault survivors are support groups and individual counseling.  Support groups are stressed in the program.  Each group has an established curriculum designed to normalize feelings experienced by rape victims.  The groups are closed to allow for the utmost confidentiality.  An individual intake is required to enter the program.

Sexual Assault and Coping Skills Group:

This is a psycho-educational support group for past and present survivors of sexual assault.  This is an ongoing group held in the early evening hours.  This group allows the survivor to learn about the dynamics of sexual violence, and assists the survivor in the healing process.  The solidarity of this group helps survivors to deal with feelings of shame, anger, and aloneness. An initial one-on-one intake session with a counselor is necessary to enter this group.

Family of Sexual Assault Survivors Group:

This is an educational group for family members of a sexual assault survivor. The group objective is to assist family members in a better understanding of their loved ones behaviors, feelings and challenges after a sexual assault. The group requires a four-week commitment and is facilitated by a sexual assault/rape counselor. A meeting with a counselor is required for group attendance.

Adult survivors may experience a range of emotions and effects that impact many aspects of their adult lives.  Adult survivors may also experience other difficulties, such as not having anyone available to corroborate memories of the abuse.

You are not alone and deserve support in healing from childhood sexual abuse.  You have the right to be believed and listened to, and to express your feelings about the abuse.  We are here for you.

All services offered are free of charge.  Appointments for counseling/therapy can be made by calling 239-939-3112 or our toll-free number 1-888-956-RAPE.