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A Survivor

As a survivor of sexual assault, you will most likely have many questions and concerns. There are emotional and psychological reactions to the trauma you have experienced. You may want clarification on medical and legal questions.

Following the assault, you may have many thoughts and feelings that will be confusing and disturbing. That’s normal. Rape survivors usually feel a sort of emotional numbing or shock immediately following the assault. It is also normal to have the tendency to deny what happened. These feelings and emotions are normal, and it is called Rape Trauma Syndrome.

Rape Trauma Syndrome is a term that covers the wide range of emotions and reactions that are common to rape survivors. Some of these reactions include fear, grief, disbelief, guilt, shame anger, sadness, betrayal, and rage.

Rape is a terrifying assault. It is normal for you to feel fear, anxiety, distrust, anger or any other emotion you may have. It is normal to experience sleeplessness, lack of appetite, and/or increase in appetite, and to have less interest in your normal routine and activities.

Flashbacks and nightmares are also common symptoms of Rape Trauma Syndrome. You may be blaming yourself for what happened. IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. Regardless of what a victim does or doesn’t do, NO ONE DESERVES TO BE RAPED.