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Reporting The Crime

Reporting a sexual crime is an important consideration to make.

The role of law enforcement is multi-faceted. One of the expectations of officers is to solve reported crime by apprehending and arresting the suspect. Rape is a crime.

If you choose to report the rape, law enforcement will encourage you to have an evidentiary exam. This is the collection of any evidence available for use by the Prosecution should the rape proceed to trial. The exam includes the collection of clothing, semen, blood, and hair which will be packaged and labeled according to strict evidence procedures.

An evidentiary exam must be done within 72 hours of the assault in order to be introduced as evidence. While you may be encouraged by victim advocates, law enforcement, and medical personnel to have an evidentiary exam, the decision to do so is entirely up to you.

This process may seem overwhelming to you while you are in crisis. ACT is there for you and will accompany you to the evidentiary exam, explain the procedures and remain with you throughout the exam, at your request.